What Next?

Hellroaring Retriever’s Business Policy:

Puppies are evaluated to determine what is the best occupation and life style is best for the dog. The puppies that are determined as  Service industry, Emotional Support  prospects are  priority in matching to organizations. Therapy prospects and companions are then matched
When you put a deposit ($500) down on a litter, you are getting a  option of being matched with the puppy that has been evaluated and determined to be in the best interest of the pup and you.
Deposits and pick fees are refundable or transferable if your request isn’t fulfilled.
Pay and Ship:   
Total puppy prices vary, call for current pricing. $500 due at the time of the reservation and the remainder is due when you pick your puppy up.
If we need ship your pup, payment is due before pup is shipped. We ship COD and the cost of the flight, medical exam for the health certificate, and shipping kennel are the buyer’s responsibility.
We ship on air flights scheduled to your convenience, preferably direct non-stop fights to minimize time on the ‘tarmac’ for the dog. Counter-to-counter delivery is even better.
Please contact us with any questions.