About Karen Duty








I started Hellroaring Kennels in 1998 when I along with my husband Dennis and three girls moved back to Montana after spending several years in Sandpoint Idaho. With that change came new opportunities for the whole family. Mine was to start living my lifelong dream of working with dogs. My kennel is located at my home on 10 acres in Western Montana with lots of space dedicated to my dogs to run and play. Nighttime is back inside.

My breeding’s are very deliberate from sire and dam selection to early stimulation, developing puppies into solid dogs inside and out.

Hellroaring Kennels is privately owned by me and I am  fully insured. We are a full service kennel ready to help you and your dog live a full and rewarding life. Starting with consultations on what type of dog is best suited for your lifestyle, whether it is a pure bred, from a reputable breeder or mixed breed from a rescue or shelter, taking you through to the grief of the end of life of your beloved friend and constant companion.

Life is full of little lessons and learning opportunities! Each and every one of my dogs has its own piece of my heart and serves me in a variety of ways from soul mate, to hunters, to training partners to therapy or service dogs. It is truly “A Dog’s Life” and I am glad to be a part of it!