Promoting the Human Canine Bond

Hellroaring Kennels are privately owned and operated and fully insured.

A boarding and training facility. Karen, owner of  Hellroaring Kennels in Polson, breeds and trains dogs for This Able Veteran (TAV), a nonprofit that connects service and companion animals with veterans living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

A few years ago, Karen found the courage to submit an application to attend a service dog training in Carbondale, Illinois to become a service dog trainer. “This program changed my life personally, spiritually, and professionally.” Karen attends the training every year as a refresher course. “I am continually honing my skills to help the pups prepare for their next step in a confident and productive life.”

Karen Duty, Hellroaring KennelsKaren’s duty is to breed the dogs, whelp them, and do puppy enrichment with them from birth. At about l 0- 12 weeks she makes the final assessments of the pups and decides “who has the right stuff” to go on to become service dogs, which is normally about 20% of the litter. The remaining pups go on to become emotional support or family companion dogs.

The pups that are selected to become service dogs remain with Karen until they are 6-8 months old. During that time, Karen continues their Foundation Training. When they’re ready they make the big move to Carbondale, IL to finish their training. “About one year later I make the trip to Carbondale to watch my pups get paired with veterans at a graduation event. It is a very emotional ceremony.”